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Below are some of our most popular questions and answers. If you don't find what you need here, please contact us.

Question:How strong is the Rion greenhouse?
Answer: According to UL in North America the product was certified as being strong and safe. The incredible strength of the greenhouse comes from its excellent engineering and the high quality of plastics used.

Question: How much wind can the Rion greenhouse withstand?
Answer: It depends on location and regional wind velocity.

Question:What is their snow load capacity?
Answer: We recommend that you brush the snow off the roof whenever it gets over a foot.

Question:How do I receive my ordered Greenhouse?
Answer: The greenhouse is usually shipped via FedEx ­ in 2 or more boxes (depending on the size of your greenhouse), and not by a common carrier – unless your order is very large.

Question:Why should I buy a RION greenhouse?
Answer: The Rion greenhouse is durable. In addition, the exceptionally attractive structure with its dark green color frame makes it a great asset to any home or garden. Easy assembly, well insulated, professional quality at a hobbyist price.

Question:Where should I locate my greenhouse?
Answer: The selection of a site involves taking into consideration three importantly factors:
the most desirable location should be shaded by deciduous tree’s) or lacking shade draped with an external shade cloth over the greenhouse which is attached to the foundation; the site should also be sheltered from the wind by a tree’s) or some other barrier; the site should be level and allow for good drainage.

Question:How do I secure the greenhouse?
Answer: The greenhouse needs to be attached to some sort of foundation, in order to keep it secure, and it should be preferably something heavy/solid. See your assembly instructions on page 4, which offers three different foundation options.

Question:Do I need to buy your base frame?
Answer: No, but we do recommend some sort of base. Many people prefer to build their own using 4 x 6 treated lumber. Rion, specifically developed a base, and we feel it is your best option. This base is made of heavy-duty plastic with a honeycomb like design and it is closed U-shaped. When the base is filled with dirt, it will not move (nor will the greenhouse), and no other stakes etc. are necessary.

Question:Should I build a concrete pad?
Answer: We personally do not recommend putting your greenhouse on a concrete slab, due to the possibility of drainage problems creating wet, slippery floors and, worse, frozen floors in the winter. Concrete also tends to hold onto extreme heat and extreme cold. We suggest that you instead have free draining floor using mulch, straw or pebble stone, or even just dirt (put flag stone etc. in the middle for a path).

Question: you say it is easy to assemble, but how easy it is really?
Answer: The RION greenhouse was engineered very carefully to allow for easy assembly. The structure is erected using a Push and Fit system, (the parts simply slide together) and virtually no tools are required ­ except for the base assembly.

Question:How long will the assembly take?
Answer: for one person 2 to 4 hours (EcoGrow Greenhouse 6′ 6″ x 7’7″), about half the time it takes to assemble a similar greenhouse of a similar size made from wood or aluminum.

Question: I purchased a louver window accessory, where does it go?
Answer: The window goes on the back wall ­ of the greenhouse, which can handle up two units (instead of the PAN windows). They can be installed later, after the assembly has been completed.

Question: I can’t get the #RD1s into the groves of the profile.
Answer: This is the hardest part to assemble – below are some suggestions.

  • Use soapy warm water.
  • Push the RD1 down using the palm of your hand, while your fingers are holding on to the back of the E2 profile, using rolling downward motion to get the RD1 in to the grove of the E2 profile.
  • Requires two people (and be careful): Using a plastic clamp, gently squeeze the E2 profile, which will cause the groove in the front of the E2 profile to open up, allowing the RD1 to slip in.

Question: I am missing a #PN40A polycarbonate roof panel:
Answer: Where did you put your first two roof windows? They can only go in either the front or the back sections of the greenhouse. If you put your roof vents somewhere else then you will not have enough PN40A panels.

Question: I bought extra roof vent windows, but they don’t seem to fit in the middle sections:
Answer: They were designed only for placement in the front and/or back sections (first two roof windows); however, if you wish to install additional roof windows, you can put them in the middle sections. You will need to trim about a 1/4 off the two sides. This is easy to do with a utility knife. (See page 14).

Question: should we Keep the roof vent windows secure?
Answer: We recommend that you purchase the automatic window openers to better secure the roof vents in extreme weather. Again, when setting up your site, please take into account the storm patterns in your area. Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover wind damage to roof vents.

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