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Multiwall Sheets

Highly flexible, virtually unbreakable, lightweight easy to install all-weather sheets & panels.

Polygal Standard Sheets
Polygal produces a line of sheets that provide you with a broad range of excellent solutions for uses such as skylights roofing and covering buildings, swimming pools and glazing. Read more…
Polygal Thermogal Sheets
Polygal Thermogal Multi Layers sheets combine Extra Strong, Extra Rigid, Extra Effective Insulation, highly effective thermal insulation with extra strength for low pitch roofing. Read more…
Polygal RFX Sheets
In nature the sun’s light and warmth are an integral part of life, making it more pleasant when we bask in its bright and warming rays. Polygal’s RFX Selectogal panels allow us to experience the wonders of nature and shape its joie de vivre, when you use Selectogal, you are surrounded by aesthetic beauty. Read more…
Polycarbonate glazing Profiles Polygal Profiles & Accessories
Polygal’s interconnecting Polycarbonate profiles connect sheets and cover structural connections and allow the covering of large areas, especially semi-transparent roofing, without obstructing the incoming light at the connecting points. Read more…

Polygal Polycarbonate Sheets and Rion and Palram Greenhouse Kits

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