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Polygal Titan Sky Sheets

A quality solution that is both intelligent and advanced for use where withstanding heavy loads is required.


Polygal Titan internal cross-brace structure gives these panels twice the strength and rigidity of equivalent standard polycarbonate panels. Polygal Titan provides a quality solution that is both intelligent and advanced for use where withstanding heavy loads is required. Titan Sky sheets combine highly effective thermal insulation with extra strength for low pitch roofing. Available in different thicknesses, widths and colors. Ideal for low pitched roofs and for glazing in closed structures with large span openings.

  • Suitable for cold climates – extremely low 2.70 R – Value
  • Save on heating energy costs
  • Bright, transparent look, large range of colours, shades and reflective coatings
  • Covered by 10 Year Warranty for color, light transmission and strength
  • Can be cold – bent to recommended radii
  • Best insulation performance during cold winter nights
  • Rigid sheet structure provides extra strength under wind and snow loads
  • Recommended Uses: Low pitch coverings, Lean- to conservatories, Large span structures, Stadiums, Closed structures with interior climate control, Industrial windows.

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Technical Specifications:
Product Structure Thickness
Weight gr/m 2
(lb/ft 2)
Standard width
Min radius
for cold arc bending
m (inch)
1/Btu / h • ft² • fº
Titan Sky tittan sky polycarbonate multiwall sheets 16 2500
2.8 (110″) 2.70
Optical Specification:
Thickness Light Transmission (%) by ASTM D 1003
mm Clear Bronze Ice NGL
16 61 42 32 42

Polycarbonate Titan Sky Sheets – FREE Quote

Thickness 16mm 16mm
Titan Sky Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets Titan Sky Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets
M.S.R.P. $7.79Sq./Ft $8.20 Sq./Ft
4′ x 8′ sheet $250.00 $263.00
4′ x 12′ sheet $374.00 $394.00
4′ x 16′ sheet $499.00 $525.00
4′ x 24′ sheet $748.00 $787.00
* Volume discount available
* Taxes, crating and shipping not included
* All prices in Canadian Dollar
The Strongest 16mm multiwall sheets

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