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Why Rion Greenhouses

Rion Greenhouse Kits are the best deal for hobby greenhouses on the market today.

The first nice feature for the Rion Hobby, Grand, and Majestic  Gardener as well as Eco-grow and Sun lounge Greenhouses is the wide variety of size options. You can get anything from 6’x6’up to 8’x32’’ or more. That means there is a size available that fits just about any requirement, from a starter greenhouse to a near-nursery sized greenhouse. The Rion Greenhouses can expand in 4feet increments, and you can purchase the 4feet extension kits at any time. So if you go with an 8’x8′ to start, and decided later that you really need an 8’x12′ greenhouse, you simply purchase an extension kit and add 4′ of middle space, expanding from a 8′ length to 12′ in length.

The next nice feature is that the greenhouse ships in several reasonably-sized packages via common carrier (Fedex Ground typically). The exact number of packages varies depending on which size you go with. Many greenhouses ship via something called LTL Freight, which basically means a flatbed truck of some sort. When shipped via freight, the package size can be quite large, and the customer is often expected to help with unloading of the packages at the delivery site. Having the Rion Greenhouses configured to break down and ship in the smaller, easy-to-move boxes, was very nice and much better.

The frame of the Rion Greenhouses constructed of high quality UV Protected PVC Resin, which is extremely strong, rigid, warp-proof, fade-proof, and lightweight and rust proof. Most greenhouse frames on the market are made of aluminum or painted cold roll steel, but we found the resin frame to be more rigid and less susceptible to shifting or bending. In fact, many of the aluminum frames are quite flimsy without the added support of the polycarbonate panels to keep the frame pieces in place. Whereas the Rion resin frame does not require the panels for support or tension to keep it in place. As for strength, it has been tested for snow and wind loads, and can withstand 1100+ pounds of snow and 100km/h winds, which makes it a great choice for virtually any climate; no matter how severe the weather gets
Installation of the greenhouse is a snap – literally. The pieces are constructed to push-fit together, and don’t require cutting or drilling like some of the wood-frame and aluminum-frame greenhouses on the market. Instructions are clear and well-thought out, and can be easily followed by all but the least technically minded people.

The Rion Greenhouses has an optional of mounting base kit which provides a secure foundation for the greenhouse. You can install the greenhouse directly on the ground, on a concrete slab, or even on a self-built wood base, we believe the Rion base kit to be the best option for a secure and sure footing. If building the “custom-built base”, you will spend almost as much in lumber constructing your own base, and the time and work involved will be quite a bit more than if you use the Rion mounting base.

Another nice feature is the variety of accessories that are available for the Rion Green houses. Some come with the greenhouse, such as the roof windows, a rear louver window, and automatic window openers. The auto-openers, if you haven’t seen these before, are great. They attach to the windows, and as the temperature inside the greenhouse rises to a certain point, a material inside the openers expands from the heat. As they expand, the openers work like a piston which pushes open the windows and allows the greenhouse to vent and cool. The best part is, this is all done automatically without any thermostatic settings required or electrical hookups. Other accessories that can be added to these greenhouses include shade nets, solar-lights, potting benches, etc.

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