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Polygal Thermogal Sheets

Ideal for low pitched roofs and for glazing enclosed structures with large-span openings.


Thermogal Super 32mm C






Polygal Thermogal Multi Layers sheets combine Extra Strong, Extra Rigid, Extra Effective Insulation, highly effective thermal insulation with extra strength for low pitch roofing.

  • Suitable for cold climates – extremely low R-Value 3.23 – 5.11
  • Save on heating energy costs.
  • Bright, transparent look, large range of colours, shades and reflective coding.
  • Covered by 10 year warranty for colour, light transmission and impact strength.
  • Best insulation performance during cold winter nights.
  • Rigid sheet structure provides extra strength under wind and snow loads.
  • Recommended Uses: Low pitch coverings, Lean- to conservatories, Large span structures, Stadiums, Closed structures with interior climate control, Industrial windows.

Unique inner X-brace structure provides extra-strength, rigidity and outstanding insulation. It is available in different widths and colours. Ideal for low pitched roofs and for glazing enclosed structures with large-span openings.

A Solar Greenhouse Classroom

Using thermogal 25mm


(Greenwall Solutions Inc. Donate $4000 for this project)

Thermogal 40mm 3 ton Minimum order

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Polygal Thermogal Polycarbonate multiwall sheets


Technical Specifications:
Structure Thermogal Super 32mm Profile
Thickness mm 25mm 32mm
Thickness Inch 1″ 1 1/4″
Weight g/m² 3500 4000
lb / ft² 0.717 0.780
Standard Width mm 1200 mm
Inch 47.25″
Minimum radius- cold bending arches m 4.37 5.6
Inch 14’4″ 18’5″
U-Factor by ASTM C177 W / m² • ºС 1.7 1.06
Btu / h • ft² • fº 0.31 0.186
R-Factor Btu / h • ft² • fº 3.23 5.36
Optical Specification:
Thickness Light Transmission (%)
ASTM D 1003
mm Clear Ice Primalite Silhouette Pearl
25 55 54 *18
32 37


Polycarbonate Thermogal Sheets – FREE Quote

Thermogal CLR CLR
Thickness 25mm 32mm
Thermogal Super 32mm Profile
M.S.R.P. $N/A Sq./Ft $10.55 Sq./Ft
4′ x 8′ sheet $N/A $338
4′ x 12′ sheet $N/A $507
4′ x 16′ sheet $N/A $675
4′ x 24′ sheet $N/A $1013
* Add 10% for colours
* Volume discount available
* Taxes, crating and shipping not included
* All prices in Canadian Dollar
Extra Strong, Extra Rigid, Extra Effective Insulation

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Polygal Polycarbonate Sheets and Rion and Palram Greenhouse Kits

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