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Aquila 1500

Consumers—and Dealers and Distributors—appreciate this product's easy-to-carry, compact packaging and competitive pricing.

Aquila 1500

Canopy or awning is a system unique in its ingenuity and simplicity of assembly. Canopy products combine high-tech materials, steel and anodised Aluminum profiles, highly impact-resistant Polycarbonate, PVC and Acrylic covers. Advanced laser cut techniques provide excellent structural performance and stylish design. Consumers—and Dealers and Distributors—appreciate this product’s easy-to-carry, compact packaging and competitive pricing.

  • Easy to assemble – 1 to 2 hours set-up time
  • Elegant design
  • Laser cut painted steel supporting arms & anodized aluminum gutter & wall mount
  • Easily cleaned using compatible materials
  • Available in variety of glazing materials
  • All glazing materials are UV protected
  • Canopy cover area – 1.4 sqm / 14.7 sqf
  • 150L x 91.8W x 16H cm
  • 59″L x 36¼”W x 6½”H

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Features and Benefits

  • Upscale and elegant design – for multiple covering applications
  • Engineered to meet snow and wind loads in most areas when properly assembled and anchored
  • Easy assembly by 2 people – includes smart and fast locking system
  • No special tools required – hardware included
  • Efficient, compact package for easy storage and delivery
  • Easily cleaned using compatible materials
  • Includes integrated aluminum rain gutter
  • Canopy cover area – 1.4 sqm / 14.7 sqf


  • High-end anodized aluminum wall mount and gutter system for long lasting performance and beauty
  • Laser cut steel support arms with a unique locking system that creates a strong and durable canopy cover
  • Includes hidden rubber gaskets that seal the canopy to the wall surface and direct rainwater downward


  • Polycover is an advanced engineered system thatprovides durable high quality acrylic panels that are 100% UV protected
  • Smart panel system that slides and locks for quick and easy installation

Typical Cover Applications:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Air conditioners
  • Smoking areas
  • Bicycle parking areas
  • Mail boxes
  • Air vents

Available canopy panel types:

  • Clear acrylic
  • Solar gray acrylic

PolyCover is a very popular canopy cover that is both elegant and durable and will decorate your entryway or window. Designed for functional use, Polycover provides protection and great looks for all seasons.

Engineered with high-end aluminum, powder coated steel and UV acrylic panels this canopy system creates a heavy-duty, do-it-yourself system.

Polycover will cover just about anything that you want to protect around your house or building using the same structure including doors, windows, air conditioners, air vents and more. The smart design locking system enables easy and quick installation for many years of protection and beauty.


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